Muslim Brotherhood leader Ali Barakat was arrested this morning, according to General General Naser Elabd, director of the investigation department in the interior ministry.

The arrest comes after Alexandria prosecution accused Barakat, also head of the Egyptian engineers’ syndicate, of participating in the torture of people opposed to ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

The Brotherhood leader was hiding at his nephew’s home in Smoha, in Alexandria. The charges are related to torturing people inside Alexandria’s famous Elqaed ibrahim Mosque.

A video circulated by activists on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter showed Morsi supporters, who transformed the mosque into a place to torture Morsi’s opponents. The video reveals signs of beatings and torture on the bodies and faces of the captives in the mosque, who said they were held there by Morsi supporters.

Tens of people were injured in the clashes between Morsi supporters and their opponents in Elqaed Ibrahim events that took place after the ousting of former president Mohmed Morsi.

Translated from Youm7.

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