Sisi condemns attempt to assassinate interior minister

CAIRO: Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi along with the prime minister sent a telegram to Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim today, condemning the assassination attempt against him outside his home this morning.

“The General Command of the Armed Forces, leaders and soldiers, condemn the sinful attempt from some terrorism elements to assassinate Interior Minister Gen. Mohamed Ibrahim, which all merciful heavenly religious refuse,” he said in the telegram.

The head of the Egyptian armed forces declared his full support to all policemen in their mission to confront crime and outlaws and regain stability to Egypt, ensuring that those “insidious attempts” will never impact Egypt’s “heroes’ spirit.” He said such attempts only increase their determination, adding that “We fully trust in the capability of our men in the armed forces and interior ministry to continue their efforts to eliminate the epicenter of crime and terrorism elements with the support of all Egyptians.”

The explosion which occurred Thursday morning was caused by a car bomb outside the minister’s house at Mostafa Alnahas street. The blast left 22 injured, including a 7-year-old child and 10 police officers, according to a medical source, and 5 burned cars and damages to a mosque, shops, and five floors of a building at the area of explosion.

General Mohamed Naguib, former chairman of prisons, told Youm7 that extremist groups target all who confront them, and the interior minister had some prior information about attempts to kill him.

“It’s well known that those extremists target all people who fight them and that’s their style; there must be a plan to secure the itinerary of the minister and never mention it to strangers” Naguib added.

A team from Supreme State Security Prosecution arrived at the police hospital at Nasr City to listen to eyewitnesses from the minister’s guard officers who had been injured at the explosion.

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