Armed militia claims responsibility for attacks in Suez Canal
suiz canal

An armed militia named Furqan Brigadeshas claimed responsibility for targeting ships crossing the Suez Canal as a response to the Egyptian

aircraft carriers crossing the canal “heading to Syria to kill Muslims.”

A 51-second video uploaded on Facebook shows two armed men holding an Al-Qaeda flag with the name of the militia below. They are shown aiming a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at a moving container ship and cheering “Allah Akbar” (‘God is Great’).

The canal authority confirmed damage to two containers south of Port Said.

“We declare our responsibility for the attack on the Suez Canal, which became a safe channel for crossing aircraft carriers killing Muslims,” said the militia’s statement.

A security source said they have watched the video and investigations are being carried out.

The chairman of the Suez Canal authority, Maj. Gen. Mohab Mamish said in an official statement that a ship was attacked by a “terrorist element” last Saturday, when an attempt to negatively affect navigation in the canal failed.

“The attempt resulted in no damage either to the ship or the containers,” said Mamish.


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