Amr Mousa: Egypt rejects terrorism and whoever supports it

CAIRO: Former presidential candidate Amr Mousa said the attack on Egypt’s interior minister today is a crime rejected by all currents in Egypt.

“Thank God the minister is safe, and sympathy to the families of the victims,” said Mousa

Egypt’s interior minister survived an assassination attempt when a bomb exploded as his convoy to the ministry drove through Cairo’s Nasr City neighborhood. Security sources stated that at least 10 guards and civilians were injured in the blast, but the minister was unhurt.

There were conflicting reports about the nature of the attack. Security sources said three bombs planted inside a parked motorcycle had detonated as Ibrahim’s convoy passed by. State TV reported a bomb had been thrown from a roof.

Egypt faced an Islamist insurgency between early 1990s and 2003, when bombing and shooting attacks destabilized the country and hurt tourism – not to mention the assassination of then-President Anwar Sadat.

“The Muslim Brotherhood should make a statement and explain whether it is involved or not and should help police, if possible, to arrest the criminals,” added Mousa

Mousa also said Egypt rejects terrorism and will not tolerate it coming back under a political cover. “Egyptians will not tolerate targeting innocent people, and those who justify terrorism will be expelled,” said Mousa.

“Compliments to the ministry and the minister of interior. The repeated assaults on officers and soldiers is our priority in fighting terrorism,” he concluded.

In the same context, a soldier was hit in the city of Arish, North Sinai, when unknown terrorists opened fire on him. A security official stated the soldier was hit while walking in a main street in downtown Arish near the stadium. He was transferred to the military hospital and his conditioned is stable. The criminals are still unknown.

Translated by Youm7.

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