President Adly meets US congressional delegation
Adly Mansour - YOUM7 (Archive)

Interim President Adly Mansour will meet an American congressional delegation at the presidential headquarters in Cairo’s Heliopolis neighborhood today. The delegation is headed by Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the congressional subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and emerging threats.

Rohrabacher expressed the committee’s understanding of the sensitivity of the situation in Egypt at the moment and underscored their support of Egyptians and hope that the current Egyptian administration will succeed in meeting the aspirations of the people and guarantee a clear path for them.

Rohrabacher also expressed the delegation’s appreciation of Egypt’s road map, particularly the drafting of a new constitution to be approved by a referendum. He commended the Egyptian administration for keeping itself away from vengeance and exclusion.

Mansour, for his part, underscored that the road map is his priority, and also his desire to ensure it is implemented on schedule regardless of the challenges. The interim president ensured the importance of describing the right image to the delegation about what happens in Egypt, referring to Egyptians who are looking forward to see the U.S. by their side, not only by a specific section of Egyptians. He said that all Egyptian society refuses the use of weapons and violence to force others to accept their point of view.

As for Syria, the president said Egypt can’t understand the insistence of the U.S. administration to deal individually without Security Council’s approval, and without international legitimacy.

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