Clashes with MB demonstrations continue
MB demonstrations - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated in different governorates while anti-Brotherhood protestors tried to prevent them from marching or sitting in.

Hundreds of Brotherhood supporters began their demonstrations after Friday prayers in numbers ranging between dozens and hundreds. A number of Egyptian cities witnessed violent clashes between the supporters of the formerly ruling group and those who support the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi, resulting in a number of injuries.

According to Youm7, the coastal city of Alexandria witnessed violent clashes with demonstrators affiliated with the Brotherhood. The anti-Brotherhood protestors threw stones at the demonstrators, while the members of the Brotherhood fired birdshot at them. The clashes led to the injury of three supporters of Morsi’s ouster.

In the Nile Delta, the Brotherhood organized a mass rally in the northern governorate of Sharqia. The participants chanted against the security and military forces during their demonstration. According to the newspaper, dozens of supporters of the Brotherhood in Port Said organized a march after Friday prayers. The demonstrators chanted, “Islamic state in spite of secularism.” They also raised the Al-Qaeda flags and photos of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Local news reports covered dozens of Morsi supporters protesting in Giza Square after Friday prayers, calling for the return of the former president to power. They rebuked the murder of the demonstrators affiliated with the Brotherhood and condemned the current authority’s campaign of imprisoning leaders of the formerly government.

Security forces also intensified their presence in front of Giza’s Security Directorate in anticipation of any potential attack from the supporters of the former president. The anti-Morsi protestors clashed with the Brotherhood demonstrators in Giza Square, blaming them for the current deteriorating security situation.

In the governorate Kafr el-Sheikh, hundreds of supporters of the former president organized a protest in Quelin city in front of the Egyptian National Bank. They also called for Morsi’s reinstatement and that officials who excluded him from his position to be brought to trial.

In Asyut, security forces dispersed a march of Morsi supporters with tear gas. The demonstrators chanted against the security and military forces, rebuking what they described as a “military coup.”

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