“Colorful Sacrifices” novel focuses on dark situation in Sudan

CAIRO: In his novel ‘Colorful Sacrifices,’ Lebanese author Selim Ellozy highlights the bitter reality that faces  Sudanese society.

The novel is about Hababa, a Sudanese girl who lived in Paris for a while and is a victim of human trafficking. She was used sexually to retain her job in one of the finest hotels in Paris.

In the story, Hababa decides to leave Paris and to go back to Sudan, and Rageh, the young Moroccan man who is in love with her, decides to travel to Sudan to find her.

During his trip to Sudan, Rageh collides with tribal conflict, religious extremism, ignorance, female genital mutilation and tyranny.

Rageh in the end of the novel falls in love with Sulafa, a Moroccan doctor working in the field of medical relief for Sudanese people with Doctors Without Borders.

Translated from Youm7.

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