British girl loses leg in assassination attempt against Interior Minister

CAIRO: A British-Egyptian teenager has had her leg amputated after she was caught in a bomb blast in Cairo. U.K. newspaper the Telegraph spoke with the girl, Deqa, 16, in the hospital.

After she was caught up in the scene of the failed assassination attempt against the Interior Minister, Deqa was taken to Nasr Medical Insurance Hospital where her left leg was removed to the knee.

Deqa told the Telegraph: “I was walking with my friend and at the end of the street we heard the sound of an explosion. I just hit the floor. People were screaming everywhere. It was very scary.”

Egyptian officials said the explosions appeared to involve a large device, attached to a vehicle, which was detonated remotely. Once the first blast had gone off, two suspected attackers opened fire, leaving Minister Mohammed Ibrahim’s official car peppered with bullet holes.

Deqa was one of the most seriously injured victims of the attack, which wounded around 20, and left her friend with a broken shoulder

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