John Kerry calls the G20 leaders to “A Yes Vote” for intervention in Syria

 By- Ahmd Sultan:

Secretary of State John Kerry called the G20 leaders to support and participate in a military intervention in Syria.

Kerry stated in a press release that he and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel support “limited military action” against Syrian regime targets not because we’ve forgotten the lessons and horrors of war — but because we remember them.

He called also for not making mistakes stressing that “If another Vietnam or another Iraq were on the table in the Situation Room, I wouldn’t be sitting at the witness table before Congress advocating for action”.

Kerry, who strongly criticized War in Iraq, defended himself stating that he understands “the temptation to remember Vietnam and Iraq and reflexively paint any subsequent possible military action with the same brush. But to do so ignores what Syria is, and what it isn’t”.

Kerry promised “no boots on the ground in Syria. There will be no open-ended commitment. There will be no assuming responsibility for another country’s civil war”.

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