Nageh Ibrahim explains 7 reasons for terrorism wave hit Egypt

By:Ahmed Serag

Former leader of Islamic group” Islamic Jama’a ” Dr.Nageh ibrahim stated in an article, Friday, seven reasons that entering Egypt indiscriminate bombings stage.
Dr.Nageh said in his article that he is not surprised about what is going currently from the use of car bombs in Egypt to get rid of the pillars of the current system or political opponents, and with the bombing attempt to Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim on last Thursday.
He stressed that car bomb stage is the most dangerous stage in the stages of a conflict between the Islamists and the Egyptian regime which may bring Islamists to stage of the nineties in a wide terrorism.
DR.Nageh also claimed that there are many important reasons which lead to that, like:
1- The spread of expiation thinking in Egypt
Expiation thinking has spread in Egypt after the Jan. 25 revolution ,spread like began expiate and liberals and leftists then moved to the army and the police, and then go to some of the sheikhs Al-Azhar then go to the Nour Party, as well as all who disagree with any Islamist.
It seems that some spectra of the Islamic movement did not bear exclusion from the Authority, then rapid tracked and arrested of its leaders, so expiate, both who act, helped or even silent about that.
2 – Expiation leads to the bombing:
This is a stable trend in Islamic thinking, expiation is a significant killing of Muslim.. And bombing is a physical killing for him.. Anyone who expiates Muslims must be his clothes contaminated with their blood sooner or later.
And such style of car bombs created by Qaeda and adopted it as its officially style and carried out bombings in Taba and Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, and the Riyadh bombings 1, 2 in Saudi Arabia, and Casablanca in Morocco and dozens of bombings in Pakistan and Iraq , some of them were in the mosques and the other was in the markets.
3 – Blind Explosions :
The disaster of Indiscriminate bombings that it’s blind, they do not distinguish between a child and a woman.. Do not distinguish between friend and enemy .. Not a Muslim or non-Muslim, neither military nor civilian, it root out all existing and destroy them with destroyed buildings, cars and people, and you can read the statistics of Qaeda bombings, most of them were civilians who Islam forbids targeting them or kill them, even if in a situation of war with the enemies.
4 – Rabaa sit-in speech was the reason to spread expiation:
The Islamic speech in general last year, and in the Rabaa particular, was a speech for war and not peace, even before ousting president Morsi.
Speeches there were carrying away the people who support them to fight to protect the Islam , I have learned from my life that the speech of the war leads to war, even if you do not want it, and a letter of forgiveness and peace and amnesties leads to it.
5 – “Legitmacy” Philosophy , or devastation and blood:
After toppling Dr. Morsi , the philosophy of ‘legitimacy or devastation and blood” spread among all Egyptian Islamic movements … and they Prepare thousands, including children and women to be «part of a project martyr» … Without realizing that this blood the most expensive from all that Authority chairs…so let legitimacy and it’s chairs go to hell.
6 – The use of excessive force to disperse Rabaa sit-in:
The way to disperse rabaa sit were not wise or professional.. Not graded in the use of force.. Did not use the means of persuasion and intimidation.. The hit-and-run with the protesters and approaching from a distance, and other means gradual, but the military forces used excessive force which is not gradual that leading to killing many numbers and thousands injured.. The disperse plan should have been more professional. This whole blood generated and fighting consignments of anger accompanied by sequential usually expiation spells and distrust needed time to treatment in heart, mind and emotions.
7 – The security mess amid the revolution period:
The collapse of the Egyptian police amid Jan25 revolution, had the worst criminal impact on the security and political situation in Egypt .. Egypt lost after the dissolution of National Security authority, the compass perfectly, and became like a store for weapons and explosives.
Especially when adding the inauguration of a new branch of Qaeda in Egypt, as well as the outside political money which toured after the Jan25 revolution, and the absence of philosophy of early alert in the Egyptian national security internally and externally, but in everything.

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