Sudan offers conditional cooperation with new US special envoy

By- News Agencies:

The Sudanese foreign minister, Ali Karti, announced that Sudan is awaiting the arrival of the newly appointed US envoy to see if he will offer a clear “road map” to resolve the issues between the two countries or not. Karti stated that Khartoum’s cooperation with him depends on the nature of his mission.

“If the new U.S. envoy has a clear roadmap for relations between Khartoum and Washington, including helping to resolve the remaining files, we welcome this role but if he goes to other issues we will certainly move away from him,” Karti told Sudan state radio in an interview today.

Late last month, Donald Booth, former ambassador who served in different parts of the African continent, was named special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan.

The diplomat who served in Ethiopia, Zambia and Liberia “has extensive experience promoting peace and prosperity across the African continent”, the White House said.

Sudan has been under the US blacklist of states sponsoring terrorism since 1993 on allegations of harboring Islamist militants despite reports of Sudan being a cooperative intelligence partner of Washington in the “war on terror” over the last decade.

Sudan is also subject to comprehensive economic sanctions since 1997 over terrorism charges as well as human right abuses.

Further sanctions, particularly on weapons, have been imposed since the 2003 outbreak of violence in the western Darfur region.

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