Special Forces and military vehicles besieges Sheikh Zowaid in Sinai

By- Aya Ibrahim:

Aircrafts military vehicles and Special Forces soldiers participate in confronting militant activities in Sinai. A big security campaign began this Saturday morning in sheikh zowaid and Rafah in north Sinai. people who lives in this region said that aircrafts are flying over them and also the military forces ,including the special forces wheel drive cars, are spreading all over the  region. They said that there was smoke appeared over the area closed to Al toma village which has some area bombed before.

Egyptian security and military forces has spread yesterday in ElArich,rafah, Sheikh Zowaid and on all the main international roads as well as the security headquarters in Al Arich. They closed all the streets leading to security headquarters especially the North Sinai Governorate Bureau. the Security Directorate and the police stations was ready for any violence or riots might be occurred on yesterday demonstrations in Rifaey mosque which has been called by Muslim Brotherhood group and  the ousted President -Morsi- supporters after Gomaa prayer .

Egyptian authorities have also closed Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt on Friday, according to rafah border crossing instructions which placed since June 30th.

It is worth noting also that calm has been prevailed yesterday in south Sinai after gomaa prayer, there were no Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations or vigils in Sinai cities! one of “Toor Sinai” resident said that Islamic currents in south Sinai did not show any intention to make demonstrations, he ensured also that there were no Islamic activities after the detention of some Brotherhood leaders and the death of  Ayman Zohairy, Secretary of Freedom and Justice Party in south Sinai.

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