Protests across Egyptian universities
Muslim Brotherhood student protests - Youm7/archive

CAIRO: Students supporting the Muslim Brotherhood continued their protests inside Egyptian universities, demanding the release of their detained colleagues, who were detained last week, Youm7 reported.

The protesting students at Al-Azhar University organized a demonstration on Wednesday. The women were protesting in front of the faculty of human studies, holding up banners of the Rabaa sign, while the men started their protests by praying over their dead colleagues in front of faculty of medicine.

Al-Azhar University security arrested some students who had knives, some of them high school students.

Students supporting the Muslim Brotherhood are also protesting at Ain Shams University, dozens are gathered in front of the faculty of commerce. They protested against the arrest of their colleagues and to demand the rights of the “martyrs.”

The protesters formed a human chain, holding up signs and banners of their demands.


Originally published in Youm7

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