Security forces “believe” that terrorists monitored Egypt’s interior minister

By- Ahmed Mare


Investigation team of the assassination’s trial has assured that there are three scenarios for the trial. “These three scenarios came after along visit lasted for ten hours to the place of the disloyal terrorist incident which resulted injury of twenty four people” the team said.

The first scenario is that the terrorists collect accurate information and put listening devices around the minister’s house to know his time of departure in the morning, and then they put a bomb in a car in the street of the interior minister’s convoy. The perpetrators of the incident detonated the bomb which located inside the car after the time of the passage of the minister’s convoy not to be known as their presence in the place of the incident would be an evident on them.

The second one “the most believable for the security sources” is that the terrorists were monitoring the minister to know the time of his departure in the morning then one of them was having high-explosive bombs and exploded himself on the street during the passage of the minister’s convoy. this scenario was evidenced because of the hands and human remains has been found to an unknown person in the place of the incident and this will revealed totally in the upcoming hours.

The last one is logical somehow as they -investigation men- thought that a group of terrorists were in one of Mustafa Elnahas Street’s buildings then one of them throw a high explosive bomb on the interior minister’s convoy. This scenario came after an attack by unidentified persons to the Special Forces guarding the Interior Minister from the top surfaces, and also because of the presence of traces of gunshot wounds to the vehicle crew guarding the Interior Minister, which may have occurred already, but has not been ascertained yet

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