After losing her son Egyptian mother accuses MB: I saw my son murdered on TV

By- Ziad Alsweify

Fatheya Ahmed, Egyptian woman and the mother of Hisham Ibrahim Bayomi, accused the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) of killing her son, based on her last phone call with the deceased.

Hisham was one of the victims of Kerdasa police station (Giza governorate). They had been killed by a militant group of MB and their supporters, in a barbarian way last August.

Youm7 met the mother who said sadly “Hisham called me half an hour before the accident, he was running and his voice was different. He told me that the Muslim Brotherhood members set fire in the police station and breaking into it to kill all the officers and security individuals inside, he asked me to pray for him to survive, and then the line had been interrupted. One of the neighbors told me that he had seen Hisham on TV with the sheriff and some officers, they were all killed by the MB,  I fainted when I saw my son murdered on TV”.

Ms. Fatheya accused the Muslim brotherhood members that they killed her son and his colleagues, she said they cut the head of one of them and put it on her son’s leg.

She appealed the government to punish those cold blooded murderers, honor her son by naming a school or a street after his name, and asked for a new apartment as the family lost her only breadwinner and can’t afford the rent of their house.

The family said that none of the officials thanked them or even appreciated their loss.


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