Morsi in jail for 4 days for interrogation on assaulting judgment authority


Because of assaulting on judgment authority, advisor Tharwat Hammad the chief of the investigation committee decide to put the isolated president Mohamed Morsi in jail for 4 days for interrogation.

The two advisors Ayman Farahat and Baher Bahaa accompanied with advisor Hammad transferred for Morsi in his jail and accused him by assaulting the judgment authority and its people, as he accused 22 judges to false the parliamentary elections in 2005 determining advisor Ali Al Nemr.

Morsi is also accused by trying to effect on the criminal circle in which including the judgment of the ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafeek and others, also involving himself in prosecution works.

From Morsi side, he refused to answer any questions during the investigation even he refused to sign the investigation papers.



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