U.S. writer blames Obama for bringing extremists to the power in Arab countries
By Bishoy Ramzy


Author James Richard Edwards said in an opinion article in the U.S newspaper “Washington Times” criticized the approach adopted by the U.S President Barak Obama towards the Arab Spring revolutions. He blamed Obama for the ascent of extremists to the power in many Arab countries.

He signaled to the U.S position from the revolutions witnessed in Egypt, Libya and Syria, stressing that it came to serve the interests of the Islamist fundamentalists. He called the U.S president to change his approach in dealing with Syria.

The writer added, in his article published in Washington times, that the U.S President worked to depose the leaders of Egypt and Syria without any regard for the nature of the rulers who would succeed to them, adding that he adopts the same approach in dealing with Syria. He considered the main difference between the situation in Syria and Libya is that the international community expressed its refusal to the military interference in Syria.

Edwards added that Obama’s support for Mubarak’s resignation came despite the role that Mubarak’s regime performed to keep the peace with Israel and his full commitment to the peace treaty with Israel concluded by his predecessor Anwar al-Sadat. U.S president expressed support for the change in Egypt although he was realizing that such a change could pave the way for the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood to the power. This matter could threaten the future of the peace treaty, according to the writer.

The writer underlined that the U.S president turns currently to pursue the same approach for the third time in Syria, as he expressed support for the Syrian opposition to replace the current secular government. He signaled that the Free Syrian Army is similar to the rebel groups that currently fight in Syria, while its members affiliate whether to the extremist Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood

The American author expressed his hope that President Obama does not depose the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as the alternative would be much worse.

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