Activists in solidarity with Haitham Mohamadin brought before Gen. Attorney

Activists flocked to the public prosecutor bureau in Cairo to demonstrate against the detention of Haitham Mohamadin, one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Socialists movement and who was arrested last Thursday t a security checkpoint on his way to Suez city.

In a statement released by the movement, they said that arresting Mohamadin, who is detained pending investigation in Suez, is the beginning of the state security’s targeting of the revolution’s youth, to silence them and their objection to military rule in Egypt.

The statement mentioned too that Mohamadin was the only one in the bus who had been inspected by security without clear reason.

Some of activists suggested that the real reason behind detaining Haitham is a call he made to Al Jazeera channel to object to the exceptional measures in Egypt after July 3 and his criticism of Gen. al-Sisi.

In another story about the incident, Mohamed Abu Hamed, the activist and former parliamentary deputy, said that Mohamadin was detained because he refused to be inspected by security and assaulted the officers and soldiers in the check-point.

Many Egyptian political parties and movements condemned the incident, such as the April 6th movement, the Popular Social Coalition, in addition to the Revolutionary Socialists.

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