Security forces discovers explosives planted in railway station in Suez

By: Dalia Farouk


Investigation Department in Ganayen Suez, headed by Captain Ahmed Shawky, is scanning the “Ismailia-Suez” railway after finding three shells ready to explode when the train passes at 6 A.M.

Security forces are checking the surrounded areas, including the Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel, as precautionary measures to make sure that they are clear from any explosive.

The police investigators were the first on the scene of the incident, after receiving information that there are strange objects on the railway, the whole situation has been under control after contacting the head of security and the second army commander.

“Security forces managed to save the province from a disaster after finding three anti-tanks shells planted on the railway of Suez-Ismailia” Khalil Harb the head of security in Suez confirmed.

Harb said to “Youm7” that security forces intensify their investigations to find out the suspects involved in the incident.

The Directorate released media statement, by the head of public relation department Major Serag Mounir, said that the police station sent search teams to find and deactivate the explosive shells after notifying the head of security and the leader of the investigation department Brigadier General Abdel Latif Elhenawy. And the railway management was informed about the situation.

On the other hand, Youm7 was informed that there is a meeting between security leaders in Suez province, to discuss the process to constantly secure vital facilities.

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