Egyptian campaign to Obama: Don’t interfere in Egypt affairs

By: Fatma khalil

A campaign called Qadroon (we can do it) launched a new initiative telling America that Egypt don’t need their aid and they gathered in vigils in front of anti-revolution embassies June 30, such as: America, Qatar, Turkey, where they raised slogans condemning and chanted against the embassies, as they also do a campaign sign forms of the Egyptian people, to say “No” to the U.S. aid.

Mohamed khaled  Abdelwanees In his statement to “ youm7” that Qadroon group who is a part of 6 April decided to  launch this initiative to send message from Egyptian people to America telling them that we don’t need their aid through a voting campaign in the Egyptian street. The reason of their refusing is that America used it as a reason to interfere in the internal Egyptian affairs.

The campaign was met with a great approval in the Egyptian street but there were many people who refused to sign on the voting paper and he added that Quadroon is similar to Tamarod which firstly met by exclamation and refusal of many people.


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