“Adidas” is to Pay 250 Million L.E to Egyptian FA for 6 seasons only

By- Youm7:

The Egyptian Football Association committee charged with revising the contract of “Adidas”, the national team shirt sponsorship finished the observations list prepared on the contract to be offered to the The Egyptian Football Association under the leadership of Gamal Allam during the next meeting . These observations are about to sent to the global company to be signed officially if “Adidas” approved it. ” youm 7 ” knew that the notable point in the observations represented in the contract period which reduced from 6 to 5 years so the new contract will be held from 2013-2014 till 2017-2018 season , this will considered to be the second time they reduced the contract period after they reduced it from 7 to six seasons only . The Egyptian Football Association requested in the observations list that the new contract must be for 250,000,000 L.E , which mean 50,000,000 per season . it is worth noting that the old offer included the company sponsorship for the products for 6 seasons worths 24,000,000 L.E in one season . Furthermore , the observations included a conflicting accounts between the rights of ” Adidas” and ” the sponsoring company for the Egyptian Football Association” under the leadership of Amr Afifi , it is also suggested in observation that “Adidas” must compensate Afifi financially.

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