Human Rights council official: Egyptians have responsibilities towards MB youth

By- Dalia Farouk:

Abdel Ghafar Shokr the leader of The Socialist People’s Alliance Party and Vice-President of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt, wrote to Ahram Newspaper, The Egyptian Society faces extremely serious and dangerous situations, as the Muslim Brotherhood leaders continue to cause violent clashes in the country as they hold on to power, even after the public overthrown the MB regime and ousted the Former president Mohamed Morsi by demonstrating against his rule on June 30th.

Shokr says the MB is waging a fierce war on the state institutions, organizing various activities to seize vital facilities, causing traffic congestion and tension in many parts of the country.

In this context, many crimes have been committed in Egypt, such as attacking police station, killing police officers, burning tens of churches, killing and injuring civilians.

Shokr confirms that these bloody and brutal attacks deepened the polarization between the MB and the Egyptian society. And he warns that the public is going to adopt unfriendly attitude towards everyone who participates in the MB protests and anyone who takes part in the acts of sabotage committed by them.

The hateful attitude won’t differentiate between the MB leaders and its supporters, especially after all the violent attacks that stormed Egypt, as result of the MB reaction to the ousting of Mohamed Morsi.

The Egyptian society condemns the calls of the MB leaders for international intervention in the internal affair of Egypt, in their quest of restoring their regime to power.

Abdel Ghafar Shokr affirms the importance that the society distinguishes between the leadership of the MB and the youths the MB, who only execute commands from the leaders because they are raised on total obedience and they are convinced they are defending Islam with their actions.

The society has vital rule to clarify the facts to the MB youths and to organize dialogues and discussions with them about their contribution in preventing any more clashes. This process should be taken seriously to protect the youths from depending on violence, to protect the country from a future heavy with danger.

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