Tight security measures to secure Arish airport against potential attacks
Egyptian Armed forces vehicles - YOUM7 (Archive)


Sinai: 50 military vehicles 4 aircrafts, hundreds of soldiers participate in vast operation.

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The intensified security campaign continues in the southern regions of El Sheikh Zowaid, which kicked off on Saturday morning, as the army bombed several targets for insurgents, by Apache aircrafts.

People in the region said that ground troops scanned the areas backed by mechanisms and SUVs. Meanwhile columns of smoke were seen rising in Altoma, and there were initial reports of casualties, but medical sources announce that they did not receive any injured people until this moment.

The security campaign includes Sheikh Zowaid and Rafah in northern Sinai.  Witnesses said they saw a car being bombed, the arrest of several people and that they heard explosions in Rafah, Altoma and south of the village of Jura.

Security forces locked down all the roads leading to the campaign area, where they execute operations such as inspecting houses and farms. People saw an ambulance leaving the area and going to Arish.

Today security sources announced that the Military managed to kill and injure tens of insurgents and suspects in involving in terrorists attacks in northern Sinai. They added that tens of armed elements were arrested in unprecedented vigorous campaign with the participation of fifty armored vehicles and four Apache aircrafts in Jura, Qoria, Altoma, southern Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid.

Meanwhile security forces began to take new security measures to protect Arish airport of the occurrence of any terrorist attacks. The source said that the start of these measures is constructing security fence around the airport and removing all obstacles round ambushes in the area surrounding the airport.

A security source in North Sinai, said in a statement, the security campaign is still ongoing and raided hundreds of homes to dry up the sources of terrorism. The source added that more details will be announced as soon as the end of the process.

On another hand, The Central security forces succeeded, after exchange of fire, to stop an attempt to smuggle kilogram of heroin powder in Sinai.

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