Elmoslemany after meeting Sabahy: We witness a distorted image of Islam
By- Ali Hassan:

Sabahi urged to hold presidential elections before parliamentary

Ahmad Elmoslemany, media advisor to the temporary president Adly Mansour met today Hamdeen Sabahi, the founder of Egyptian Popular Current or Eltayar Elshaeby, to discuss the roadmap and the future of the country.

Elmoslemany said the president will meet with all political figures to discuss the current situation in the country, and added that “what happened in the revolution of June 30th is the people will, and caused failure to the plans of creating the new Middle East, we know that the country has enemies trying to disrupt the roadmap.” He also confirmed that what Egypt witness today is distorted image of Islam.

The media advisor said when elements of the counter-revolution and American organizations knew that president Adly Mansour will visit New York, to attend a meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, planned for demonstrations against him.

Elmoslemany noted that the presidency recognize the magnitude of the challenges “we face and that we need a national project to establish the modernization of agriculture, industry, military and scientific research”.

Hamdeen Sabahi assured the need to discipline those responsible for acts of violence and to commit to human rights and freedoms. He also expressed his wishes to continue the dialogue between the institution of the presidency, society and political forces.

The founder of Egyptian Popular current said the country needs to hold on to homogeneity and national vision in order to achieve the objectives of the revolution, and the achievement of social justice because without it will not move forward or accomplish the goals of the revolution and the stability and security of the country.

Sabahi said “We are confident in the Egyptian people. We will be able to achieve our goals.” And added “The government is required make set of actions to achieve social justice.”

The founder of Egyptian Popular current said Egypt must play its Arab role and reject the aggression which the U.S. Administration plans against Syria because it is an aggression against Egypt and a threat to Egyptian and Arab national security.

Hamdeen pointed out that it was agreed to continue the dialogue at several points in the future, including the formation of a committee to study any violations of freedoms and human rights in Egypt, he added that people and security forces are facing terrorism with commitment to the law and human rights.

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