Morsi may be questioned over his wealth
Former President Mohamed Morsi - Youm7/Archive
By Yasmine Samra

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi, already on trial for many charges, probably could face charges of graft, using his influence while in office to make money, according to accusations leveled by a prominent lawyer.

As a result, assistant to the minister of justice for graft, advisor Ibrahim Heneidy, declared that he has commissioned regulatory bodies and Public funds investigators to investigate the alleged charges by lawyer Samir Sabry who accused the Morsi of  using his influence to make money illegally and that his wealth grew up to 2 billion pounds ($290 million) while he was in office.

“Regulatory bodies’ investigations will determine how serious the charges are, and if proved true, I will assign a member judge responsible for graft to take over investigations and summon Morsi, who will be asked to disclose his financial information to be compared with the real estate and financial wealth.” Heneidy told Youm7.

Another prosecutor leveled new accusations against Morsi, alleging he had insulted the country’s judiciary when he was president.

The prosecutor issued a new detention order for Morsi over his comments that judges had rigged 2005 parliamentary elections.

But Morsi, who is already being held by the military at an unknown location, refused to cooperate with prosecutors, according to MENA.

In 2005, the Brotherhood was a banned organization but was allowed to run candidates for parliament as independents, under then president Hosni Mubarak, who stepped down in 2011 after the January 25 Revolution.

The Brotherhood won a fifth of the parliamentary seats then, but observers and judges who oversaw the vote said the election was partly rigged, a report issued by the AFP stated on Saturday.

Last week, prosecutors referred Morsi to trial for allegedly inciting the murder of protesters who had been denouncing a controversial declaration outside his palace in December 2012.

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