Global day of fasting in the world against any military intervention in Syria
Pope Francis - REUTERS

By- Sara Tarek:

The Vatican launched an initiative to prayer and fasting today against any military intervention in Syria in all parts of the world, The Pope Francis had last Sunday called on the world to-day fasting and prayer for peace in Syria and the Middle East.

French newspaper “Liberation” reported that Catholics along with Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and atheists are invited Saturday to participate in a global day of fasting against any military solution in Syria before a vigil led by the Pope in Rome. “What rises sharply in all the earth is the cry for peace!” said The Argentine pope who urged the one billion of Catholics, Christians as whole, believers from other faiths and atheists non-believers to join this strong gesture for a cry for peace to oppose any foreign military intervention in Syria.”We hear this voice that goes around the world and we are affected by this chain of solidarity initiated by the pope” said by telephone to Sky TG24 TV, the Apostolic Nuncio in Damascus, Mgr Mario Zenari. In addition the French paper said that Pope opposes any idea of ​​strikes planned by the United States and France, saying that they exacerbate the acts of murder and hatred, and cannot be limited. Pope Francis sent a letter to G20 leaders meeting in St. Petersburg, asking them “from the heart” to waive any military action in Syria. According to the French Cardinal Etchegaray the Pope Francis was in line with the mobilization of the Catholic Church at the time of John Paul II against the American intervention in Iraq in 2003.

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