Authorities investigate Egypt’s ousted Morsi , other M.B leaders’ Properties

 By- Yasmine Samra:

Egypt’s authorities asked the Red Sea Province’s regulatory bodies, local councils and Interest Real Estate authority to provide them with a report on Muslim Brotherhood leaders’ properties there.

A senior military source told “youm7” that the intelligence  investigates M.B leaders’ properties and funds in the Red Sea province, asked the for accurate information about touristic resorts and hotels, as well as monitoring the properties of the former president Morsi, vice top leader of the M.B khayrat El-Shater and other senior leaders of the Brotherhood.

The source also confirmed that the regulatory bodies have already begun sending investigation requests in all cities of the province including the Real Estates’ Offices and local councils in order to get reports on the properties they obtained during their rule during the year Morsi took office as President.

This comes shortly after, well known lawyer Samir Sabry leveled accusations against Morsi, Accusing him of making use of his influence to make money illegally and that his wealth grew up to 2 billion pounds while he was in office.

Assistant of Minister of Justice for graft, advisor Ibrahim Heneidy declared that he has commissioned regulatory bodies and Public funds investigators to investigate the alledged charges, confirming that “Regulatory bodies’ investigations will determine how far the charges are serious , and if proved true, I will assign a  member judge  of the Graft  to take over investigations and summon Morsi, who will be asked to  offer his own financial disclosure to be compared with the real estate and financial wealth.” Heneidy told “”.

Furthermore, an Egyptian prosecutor leveled new accusations against Mohamed Morsi, already facing trial on other charges, alleging the Islamist had insulted the country’s judiciary when he was president, media reported on Wednesday.

Last week, prosecutors referred Morsi to trial for allegedly inciting the murder of protesters denouncing a controversial constitutional declaration outside his palace in December 2012.

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