Al-Azhar and Coptic Church agree on organ transplant constitutional article
Dr. Magdi Yacoub - Youm7/Omar anas

CAIRO: Representatives of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church have agreed upon a new article to add to the constitution, which would authorize and regulate the act of human organ donation and transplant, according to a statement Sunday by a deputy of Egypt’s 50-member committee amending the country’s constitution.

Deputy Magdi Yacoub, who is also a heart surgeon, said in a press release that a majority of the committee’s members are enthusiastic about ratifying the article.

“The failure of traditional treatment in dealing with certain pathological cases in Egypt requires an immediate application of a human organs transplant article that would encourage new studies and research, which would have a positive impact on difficult cases,” Yacoub said.

Yacoub said the proposed article states that human organs “are an endowment of the people to the people. An individual’s donation (of a human organ) is the basis for funding and developing the research of human organ transplant.”

Committee spokesperson Mohamed Salmawy said the committee is scheduled to debate the possibility of ratifying the article.

Originally published in Youm7


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