Al-Nour party to determine about constitutional committee via electronic voting
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Al-Nour party determines its Situation of participating in the 50 members- committee, which will be in charge of amending the 2012 constitution, through electronic voting Saturday.

A “source” in the party has said to “Youm7”: “The party’s supreme body will decide the possibility of participation in the committee through electronic voting today”. Pointing out that voting is going to be on several decisions, the most important of which is the party’s participation or non-participation. In case of participation, the vote will be on choosing a chief for the committee and two deputies.

The source confirmed that the general trend inside the party supports the participation in the committee of 50 members. Especially after the appearance of leaks from Al-Azhar stating that Al-Azhar will keep item number 219 which interprets the second item of the constitution, the thing that supports the situation of Al-Nour party within the committee.

The official spokesman of Al-Nour party, Sherif Taha, said yesterday that the party has resorted to the supreme body to expand the circle of decision-making regarding the determination of the final situation of the party’s participation in the committee of “50” members, especially after a state of resentment among many of the party’s members has prevailed.

Taha pointed out that the committee of “50” includes one representative of the Islamic parties only and another seat for Dr.Kamal Al-Helbawy who does not belong to any party. He clarified that the majority of the committee’s members was chosen from Leftists and National Rescue Front “which undermines the claims of compatibility and the representation of all society factions” as he said.

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