Prosecution holds Badie, Beltagy and Hegazy for 15 days pending investigations
By- Mohammad Qasim:

Haitham Abu Deif, Prosecution manager of Qalyub, ordered Mohamed Badie leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Beltagy, Safwat Hegazy, Osama Yassin, Mohsen Radi to be held in prison for 15 days for Pending further investigation, and being accused of the incitation of MB supporters to cut off “Cairo-Alexandria” agricultural road that caused the death of 3, which include a 15 and an 18 years old boys, and injury of 30 others including a police officer.

Prosecution accused them for cutting off roads, attempted murder and murder, create an outlawed group, disturb public peace and security and attack public and private properties.

National Security investigations revealed that some MB leaders who were at Rabaa’s sit-in gave direst orders MB leaders in Qalyub to assemble and mobilize armed groups and incite them to cut off “Cairo-Alexandria” agricultural road, disrupt public transport, the use of force to spread chaos disturb public security, terrorize citizens, and damage public interest.

Investigations revealed that the only 7 of the defendants are from Qaliubiya, and the rest of them were summoned by MB supporters from different governorates, some defendants confessed that they were in Rabaa’s sit-in and that they are members of the MB, and that they had orders from their superiors at the MB to participate in Qaliyub events.

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