State Department: no coordination between Egypt and the U.S to attack Syria
Cairo- MENA:

Spokesman on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Badr Abdel Atty denied the presence of any sort of Deals or any coordination between the Egyptian Government and the U.S Government regarding Cairo’s attitude towards the possible military strike against Syria.

Ambassador Abdel-Aty declared in a statement to “Al-Hayah Al-Youm” T.V show on Saturdaynight that there are no contact is going on between the Egyptian and the American governments addressing the matter of Egypt changing mind about the possible military strike over Syria in exchange for Egypt regaining its stable relation with the U.S, confirming that Egypt as an Arabic country will encourage the political solution for the problem, and regarding the meeting between the Egyptian Ambassador at Washington with the American former Minister of foreign affairs, Colin Powell, the spokesman said: ” This visit is among many other visits to clarify that what happened on 30th of June is not a coup, but a people’s revolution” he also said that the meeting included discussing the political scene in Egypt, and what has already been achieved.

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