“Bombed car”only route to reveal details behind minister’s assassination attempt
By Ibrahim Ahmed

High-level security sources at Egypt’s interior ministry and Forensic experts revealed that they have finished writing the initial criminal lab report of the assassination attempt for Major General Mohamed Ibrahim.

The sources confirmed that the report includes results of crime scene examination; it also included footage from security cameras found in shops around the place, also the report included eye witnesses’ testimonies.
It was mentioned in the report that the explosive item was very large sized and had a great amount of T.N.T explosives that are known to be highly explosive, the explosion caused damage to 28 cars, a great number of shops and stores in the crime scene, death of a citizen due to his injuries and 21 were injured including a child and a policeman that their legs were amputated.
Forensic experts finished examining the Minister’s car and the guards’ car after transporting them to “Al-Gabal Al-Ahmar” area, they thought it is likely that there are bullet traces; they think that when the attackers found that the bomb did not do its purpose, they started shooting at the convoy, the report included all materials recovered from the crime scene, shops and stores surrounding the crime scene and analyzing the bombed car.
The sources confirmed that the car used for attacking the Minister’s convoy is a stolen car from “Hadayek Al-Kobba” district and the police is now investigating car thieves in this area, they think that it is likely that they stole the car from its owner to keep suspicions away from them, or that others stole the car and sold it to the attackers.
Also they mentioned that names of newly released people from jail or people that have to be arrested for security reasons could be behind this operation and that police is checking all of Nasr city area looking for the attackers.
They also stated that police has set 4 bearded people caught near the crime scene at the time of the attack after proving they had nothing to do with the attack.
There was a meeting between a team of Public Security Sector and security of Cairo, national security and criminal lab and it was chaired by Major General Syed Shafiq Director of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of the Interior, and they decided that the only way to catch these criminals is using the only lead they have which is the stolen car by reaching the people that have stolen it, and they will lead them to the attackers.

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