Tokyo to host Olympic Games 2020
By: Mohanad Osama

Tokyo was awarded the 2020 Olympics on Saturday, capitalizing on its reputation as a “safe pair of hands” and defying concerns about the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Tokyo defeated Istanbul 60-36 in the final round of secret voting by the International Olympic Committee. Madrid was eliminated earlier after an initial tie with Istanbul.
A huge roar went up from hundreds of people who flocked to a Tokyo Park in the early hours of a grey, humid Sunday morning as the Japanese capital was awarded the 2020 summer Olympic Games.
Tokyo overcame a worsening crisis at a nuclear plant 230km (140 miles) away as well as a one-time lack of local support to convincingly beat rivals Istanbul and Madrid for the right to stage the Games for the second time.

Tokyo, which hosted the 1964 Olympics, billed itself as the reliable choice at a time of global political and economic uncertainty — a message that resonated with the IOC.
Moreoever, Olympics-Madrid Delegation Stunned By Failure To Land 2020 Games
The Madrid delegation were left reeling on Saturday by the shock of their early elimination as host city for the 2020 summer Olympics.
There was a deathly hush in the bar where officials gathered to wait for the result of the International Olympic Committee head-to-head vote that eliminated the Spanish capital following a first-round tie with Istanbul.
In 1938, the Japanese city of Sapporo was formally approved as the host city for the 1940 Winter Olympics.
* However, a few months later Japan withdrew as hosts for both Summer and Winter Games because of their involvement in the Sino-Japanese War. The Games were later cancelled altogether after the outbreak of World War II.
* When the war ended and the Olympics recommenced, Japan was not invited to attend the 1948 Summer Games in London.
* Tokyo was one of six cities that bid for the 1960 Olympics but received only four votes and finished last. The IOC awarded the Games to Rome.
* Tokyo bid again for 1964 and was successful, beating Detroit, Brussels and Vienna, and became the first Asian city to host the Olympics.
* Sapporo failed in its bid to host the 1968 Winter Games, awarded to Grenoble, but was successful in getting the 1972 Winter Olympics, the first to be held in Asia.
* Japan was awarded a second Winter Olympics when Nagano was chosen as the 1998 host city but was rejected three times for the Summer Games; for 1988 when they were awarded to Seoul, for 2008 when they were awarded to Beijing and for the 2016 Games, awarded to Rio de Janeiro.
* Japan’s most successful Olympian is gymnast Sawao Kato. He won a total of 12 medals, including eight gold, from three Olympic appearances between 1968 and 1976.
* Tokyo estimated budget for the 2020 Olympics was $3.4 billion, made up of the following costs:
Technology 12.3%
Games workforce 7.3%
Venues and facilities 31.3%
Ceremonies and culture 2.9%
Transportation 6.8%
Paralympic Games 4.7%
Advertising and promotion 3%
* Tokyo is one of just four cities chosen to host the Summer Olympics more than once. The others are Athens (1896, 2004), Paris (1900, 1924), London (1908, 1948, 2012) and Los Angeles (1932, 1984).

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