Salafis insist on “Article 219″ of the constitution for religious reasons


Dr.Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour, Member in the Presidential Council for Nour Party the political arm of the Salafist call, confirmed that what they name “the identity articles linked to Islamic Shariaa in the constitution represent a public demand, and should not be tampered with, especially during this critical stage in the country.

 Mansour said to Youm7, article 219 explains the second article in the constitution, and its existence is important based on religious reasons, and he added “All the political forces agreed on this subject”, he also affirmed that everyone agreed on the identity articles before the roadmap.

On another hand, Nour party will –today- make a decision about its participation in the 50 committee which will amend the 2012 constitution. Members and high commission of the Party will disscuss the finale decision.

 “The party will declare its decision, and indicated that the Party made a survey in the high commission to reach a final decision about participating in amending the constitution” Ashraf Thabet, Nour Vice-President and member in its presidential council, said to Youm7.

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