Train freeze leads to bus boom
Egypt's trains - YOUM7/Essam Abd el-Rahman

By: Heba Ahmad

If you have to move between any Egyptian provinces by train, try your best to buy both of your tickets when you depart in order to get home back safely.

Due to the railway stoppage following alleged terrorist attacks, private bus transport companies have witnessed a huge boom in business; Many passengers hardly can get a ticket.

“I can’t stay here anymore, I have to go back to my children” a woman shouted to a ticket window clerk in Sohag; most of the passengers on a bus scheduled to go from Sohag to Cairo finally bought their tickets after being stuck in Sohag for 5 days.

“The price of the bus ticket rose to 110 pounds from 70… as it is the only way to travel between provinces, and it might be more expensive on the black market” a passenger said. “The companies owners became greedy” said another.

One bus driver said to Youm7, “Honestly, we have witnessed our biggest revival ever, as people were always preferring trains over buses, but after the terrorist incidents… people have no other way to travel. That is the reason of the crowded situation we have nowadays”

The ticket clerk confirmed that passengers must purchase their tickets 3 days before their travel date, adding, “Bus owners might sometimes refuse to let buses travel if they didn’t sell all of the tickets. No driver can travel with an empty chair”

Translated from Youm7

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