El Moslimany’s Controversial meeting with the parties..

By: Abd Allah Al-Shikh

Nafaa: meeting with political figures is not a part of the presidential media advisor’s job!

A string of meetings between presidential media advisor Ahmed El Moslimany and a number of political parties ending on Saturday has caused controversy among experts and party leaders.

Political expert Dr Hassan Nafaa said the meeting of El Moslimany with the political powers is not a part of his job, and that it “weakened the presidency.”

“El Moslimany is the president’s media advisor, who should link the presidency to the media, not meet with political figures,” Nafaa said in a statement to Youm7 newspaper.

Al Badry Farghaly, a former parliamentarian and prominent figure in the Al Tagamo party, said “El Moslimany’s meetings were a positive move towards reconciliation and achieving the road map,” in a statement to Youm7. “The presidency should continue its efforts with more positive steps of a direct and on air meeting between the president and the political figures,” he added.

The head of Al Tahalof Al Shaaby party, Abd El Ghaffar Shokry, expressed his satisfaction with the advisors work, saying,“El Moslimany’s meetings were preparative for another meeting with the president.”

 “We had 3 meetings with Morsi and they were useless, as it ended up with the presidential constitutional decree!” added Shokry

El Moslimany will hold a meeting with the figures of the Dostour party on Monday, September 9 9th to discuss the road map.

Translated from Youm7

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