Workers strike in “Ghazl Elmahalah” over delayed salaries

By: Adel Darra


Workers in the Ghazl Elmahalah carpet factory went on a strike on Sunday to demand delayed salaries.

Fathalah Rizq, the factory manager, had refused on Saturday to meet representatives of the workers, who said they were attempting to find a solution for the problem.

One of the workers’ leaders, Basiouny Alnawawy, said that he has gone monthly to Ministry of Manpower in Cairo for 10 months in order to bring the salaries from the emergency fund. He added that the factory management received more than EGP 2m from the emergency fund to pay wages, yet the manager did not make any effort to solve the problem.

Alnawawy claimed that the current manager of the factory assumed his position “with EGP 3.5 million in the factory’s safe, plus 2 millions from emergency funds, and the safe is empty now!” He added, “we won’t go back to work until we get paid.”


Translated from Youm7


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