“Is Music Haram?” a new book released by Egyptian Book Authority

By Alaa- Othman;

Egyptian Book Authority released recently a new book tackles the point of view considering music “Haram” and against the Shariaa. The book is written by Mohamed Kabil and entitled “Is music Haram?”

The author underlines music as the most civilized type of art has been always the source of emotional, passionate and sentimental values since life began on earth.

The book argues: during pre Islamic history, a poet was also a musician and the Arabic history is rich with examples of female singers brought from Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia with their instruments while the Abbasid and the Andaloussi eras represented the golden age of Arabic music.

Is Music against religion? The book refers to the relevant controversial issue amongst Islamic scholars. It uses verses from Quran to prove that music is not Haram. The most controversial verse is “Certainly will the believers have succeeded, they who are during their prayer humbly submissive, And they who turn away from ill speech” Surat Al Mu’minun, verses1 and 2

Some scholars interpret “ill speech” as singing while others who believe in the tolerance of Islam that aims to the happiness of humanity interpret it as rudeness and baloney. Thus; Singing and music are not against religion as long as the lyrics are fine and fair.

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