Necrophilia and Roba Mwaten to be reviewed in upcoming symposium

Recent works by Egyptian authors will be showcased at the Awlad Haritna Foundation 

By: Alaa Othman

The Awlad Haritna Foundation for Culture, Development and Arts will hold a literary symposium on Tuesday September 10 to review Necrophilia and Puppets Box, two recent novels by Hanaa Ragai, as well as Roba Mwaten (One-fourth citizen) by Mohamed Salah Ragai, an Egyptian author and novelist. The symposium will include a musical break with the Egyptian singer Haitham Mahfouz

The Awlad Haritna (children of the alley) Foundation was named after the famous novel by prominent Egyptian novelist and Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz, and was founded in El Mansoura Delta province in August 2013.

Translated from Youm7

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