Thirty years of Amr Diab… The Egyptian super star is loved by his audience
By: Hana Mousa

The Egyptian star Amr Diab culminates his thirty years of success with the new album “Ellila” or tonight. He is considered as an artistic phenomenon, no other singer had his same success for such a long time.

Diab was born in Port Said, the city which has history of conquering its enemies. people of this city have Steadfastness and firmness plus determination to succeed.

“I never forget when I sang the national Anthem and was given a guitar by Governor of Port Said, I was only 6 years old” Diab said

The super star has passion for music, which drove him to learn how to play Guitar. Later, he founded a small band to perform in weddings and parties.

With the encouragement received from his father, Diab decided to leave Port Said to Cairo to polish his talent by studying. He joined the Institute of Arabic music in 1982, and met many of the music icons who helped shaping his career and launching his first album “Ya Tarik” in 1983.

The success road was not that easy, so Diab faced a lot of obstacles, he had a hard competition with famous singers who also have strong popularity, such as Hany Shaker, Medhat Saleh, Ali El Hagar, and many others.

Diab chose different melodies with unique tunes, executing the advice, the musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab told him, not to quit or to use criticism for his benefit, and to love his audience.

Amr Diab got his bachelor’s degree majoring in Arabic music from the Academy of Arts in 1986. His songs Characterized by its Blend between Western rhythms and oriental music. The Egyptian Star released three albums after his first one: “Hala Hala” in 1986, “Khalsein”. But his album “Maial” achieves sales records as it reached over one million copies, for the first time in Egypt.

Diab kept searching for more success, so he started working with music distributor Hamid Shaaery and released another album “Shawaana”, and it had a huge success.

With each album Diab presents a new touch and evolution in Egyptian music, he used saxophone in “Habibi” and depended on guitar in “Wiyolomoni”.

Audience is in continuous passion for his albums and everyone wants to hear his songs and asks about them, no matter what the situation facing the market.

The super star held concerts all over the world, all of them were huge success, and he is one of the first singers who have dancers with him in live shows.

His songs were translated to many Languages, such as “Nour Elein” in 1996 was translated to English and Spanish.

Diab performed at the opening of the fifth African Nations Championship Games in 1990, and sang “Belhob Etgamana”, or united by love, in three Languages. The Egyptian star became a fashion icon through his Music Videos and everyone copied what he wears.

Beautiful Models appears with the Egyptian Star in his Video Clips, and he achieved the highest sales record in the history of Arabic albums with his album “Waiah” in 2009, three million copies in one month. He got through it Africa Music Award and World Music awards, for the fourth time, he got it before for “Nour Elein”, “Ana aktar wahed beihebak” and “Elila di”.

Amr Diab was the first Arabic celebrity to be nominated in Grammys, in 1996 for “Nour Elein” and once again for “Tamaly Maak”. The super star is a role model for his fans, during his 30 year successful career.

He starred in four movies: “Ice cream fi gleam” 1992, “Dehk w leab w gad w hob” in 1993, “Elafarit” and “Elsaginatan” in 1988.

Amr Diab is always in great shape physically and mentally, he works out daily, never smokes, and has stable family life. He also rarely appears in media.

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