Moussa: New constitution to be finalized in 60 days
By: Noor Aly, Nermin Abdel Zaher, Nora Fakhry

The newly elected chairman of the committee tasked with amending Egypt’s 2012 constitution says the new constitution would be finalized in 60 days.

Former presidential hopeful and Mubarak era figure Amr Moussa won elections for the committee chairmanship Sunday against the second runner Sameh Ashour, Lawyers Syndicate Chairman.

The 60 days period to begin by the start of commission’s first meeting, Moussa said Sunday, shortly after announced chairman of the committee.

Moussa, however, voiced concerns that holidays during this grace may obstruct the commission’s efforts to finalize the first draft on time.

Moussa asked Ali Awad, the presidential adviser for constitutional affairs, to task some consultants with helping the 50-member committee in drafting the texts which will be amended constitutionally.

Diaa Rashwan, the chairman of syndicate of journalists raised question about the role of the committee and whether it will put another constitution or amend the suspended one.

Moussa replied to Rashwan’s concern saying “we amend the constitution and no one says different words, but this amendment may lead us to a new constitution.”

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