Yemeni Youth Activist, Ibrahim Mothana Dies at 24


The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) has sadly received reports from Yemen confirming that on 05 September 2013, human rights defender, Ibrahim Mothana died suddenly at home.

Ibrahim Mothana was born in 1988. He worked successfully in the launch of several initiatives and projects, and implemented many programs to raise awareness in communities throughout Yemen.

 Mothana gained considerable experience as a volunteer through his work with many local and international organizations, including UNESCO, the World Bank, the Arab Thought Foundation, and Human Rights Watch.

He was the youngest international observer for the 2006 local and presidential elections in Yemen, in addition to 2012presidential elections in Egypt, the election of the National Congress in Libya, and had also worked as a volunteer in Ethiopia, India, Japan, Germany, and other countries.

In 2010 he became the youngest member of the Advisory   Committee for the Arab Thought Foundation, which consists of a group of intellectuals, academics and businessmen of the Arab world. His work was to provide guidelines for the organization to deal with important issues.

Ibrahim Mothana also served as the ambassador of the Youth of Arab Thought and Global Change-Makers. He was abusiness supporter of Oxfam, a graduate of a Swedish Institute, and one of the young Voices of the UNESCO Education project for Sustainable Development.

The GCHR expresses its deep condolences to Ibrahim Mothana’s family and friends on this painful and sad loss.

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