Victoria Beckham leads the Black and white revolution in New York fashion week
Reuter, New York

Stylish clothes being unveiled for spring 2014 are highlighting the pronounced simplicity of black and white. The colors are either elegant monochromes or mixed up in playful zebra prints and classic checks.

In her first participation in the event, Victoria Beckham’s show on Sunday was the latest in a series of collections at New York Fashion Week adhering almost entirely to a black and white palette.

Describing her collection, the celebrity designer said she set “boyish elements against a sense of femininity.”

Some of Beckham’s pieces were all-black or all-white, and she would use unusual structure or overlaid textures to bring them to life.

The famous Italian designer Sofia Sizzi also wasn’t away from the same direction of black and white.

Ahead of the show, she said she was influenced by the stark blacks and whites of the churches and piazzas in her home city Florence.

“It’s the idea of a walk through a city,” she said. “You have all these elements from the buildings and the shadows of the buildings.”

New York Fashion Week ends on Thursday, followed by fashion weeks in London, Paris and Milan.

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