Egypt’s new chairman of Labor Union takes over amid tight security measures
Gebali al-Maraghy - YOUM7 (Archive)
BY: Yasmine Samra

Amid hundreds of his supporters, Egyptian Trade Union Federation’s new chairman Abdel Fattah Ibrahim arrived, Sunday, at the Union’s headquarter downtown Cairo with tight security measures and surrounded by guards.
Ibrahim is taking over his post Sunday succeeding Gebali Maraghy who has mobilized his supporters, Saturday, inside the building to prevent Ibrahim from entering.
Maraghy, the toppled chairman, has stressed that his rejection of a draft law on the unions prepared by Ministry of Manpower and Immigration was behind his overthrow.
Speaking about the draft law, which he says was behind his overthrow, Maraghy said “Law allows dismissal of Egypt’s labor Union by General Assembly decision, but this did not happen, as I was removed by Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu Eita.”
Maraghy accused member of the new Board of Directors of being “traitors.”
In a speech to the urgent meeting of the Road Transport Syndicate’s General Assembly, Maraghy said that he would never join the Fifth Column in a reference to cooperators with foreign bodies seeking home destruction, adding that he would not incite sedition between unions’ circles.
“There are high-ranking directions to topple me from the Union’s presidency, and the new chairman was appointed by the Minister and the Egyptian Democratic Party”, Maraghy told “Alhayat Alyoum” TV show, explaining that his removal is illegal.

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