Copts of 38 call for Pope immunity in constitution
Pope Tawadros II -YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: The Copts of 38 Association will present an official letter to the secretariat of the Papal headquarters on Monday in which they will ask for the drafting of a new article in the constitution to immunize the Patriarch position, the same way the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar is immune in article 4, according to the spokesperson of the group Nader al-Serfay.

Serafy told Youm7 that the letter includes two suggestions; the second one asks that the principles of Christianity be explained in article 3 of the constitution according to “The Monogamy” book authorized by the late Pope Shenouda III rather than it being explained by the Supreme Constitutional Court, which may deviate from the Christian principles.

“We are concerned that the constitution is obliged to follow the explanation and provisions of the Supreme Constitutional Court, which were set in 1971 according to reports written by Muslim scholars, that have not and will not change,” he said.

Serafy also criticized the statements made by some leaders of the Nour Party regarding their refusal of article 3, saying that if they refuse this article then they must present their own point of view rather than implying that the article was based on the Church’s request when it was actually based on Islamic Sharia.


Originally published in Youm7

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