Hollande, Le Figaro trade accusations over Syria
Hossam Rabie

The Syrian crisis exposed deep divergences in France’s political scene, which were newspapers’ focus on Sunday, especially after the latest IFOP opinion poll that showed 64% of the French people are against military intervention in Syria.
A quarrel started between the governing Socialist party and the right wing, led to exchange of accusations between French president Francois Hollande and rightist French newspapers “Le Figaro”.
Le Figaro published an article on Sunday questioning the French president’s flexibility to concede to the people.

The paper’s article read: “Can results of polls which revealed the opposition of French people to military intervention in Syria change the point of view of the president? No, the people will remain against war to the end, replied the “Elysee” yesterday (Saturday) morning.”
Le Figaro accused the French president of “disrespecting” public opinion and polls that found the majority of people are against military intervention in Syria.
Hollande has been criticized for deciding to wait for the conclusion of the U.S. Congress and UN reports, without giving much attention to the judgment of his parliament and people.
On the other hand, the pro-government newspaper Le Monde published Sunday the president’s statements criticizing Le Figaro for its interview with Syrian President Bashar AL-Assad last Monday.
Le Monde stressed the presidential palace’s anger over the interview with a “dictator who seeks to shut down the opposition.”
Le Figaro said that if French people leave Holande alone, the French president becomes isolated.

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