FJP spokesman defends backtrack on Morsi’s tenure
by: Mohamed Ismail

Hamza Zawbaa, a spokesman for Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood group, defended Sunday views he expressed in an article published on the party’s website Saturday.

In his article, Zawbaa admitted mistakes and mismanagement during the Muslim Brotherhood’s former President Mohamed Morsi year in office. He extended apologies to the Egyptian people for these mistakes and called for national reconciliation excludes nobody.

“Regression is not a crime and we have to put Egypt first,” Zawbaa said in statements to FJP website. It’s not backing off, it’s very simple, when they saw Egypt in danger we admitted having mistakes and we put Egypt first, he said.

Zawbaa added that what came in his article is not entirely new, and reflects his point of view and that of other FJP. “That was clear in many interviews and reviews of me regarding the expected scenario for saving Egypt,” he added.

“There are no good guys and bad guys among us, all of us within the Freedom and Justice Party have the freedom of thought, freedom of speech and we take responsibility for our words and actions because we believe in ourselves and that we can move on and learn lessons from our mistakes and from ones preceding us because after all we are just human beings,” Zawbaa said.

Leaders of FJP said that they are open to all personal initiatives, but stressed that the official opinion of the party is declared through the Party’s President, Secretary-General and official statements.

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