Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis.. Review for terroristic history
By Ramy Nawar;

Jama’at Ansar Bayt al – Maqdis is a Al-Qaeda –inspired Salafist group, officially claimed responsibility on Sunday,regarding assassination attempt targeted Egypt’s minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim last Thursday, and considered one of the Jihad expiatory groups established by Jihadists live in Egypt’s frontier provinces particularly Sinai, a typical hideout for several terrorism groups.

The failed assassination attempt targeted interior minister is not the first attack they carried out in the Egyptian territory. The group’s first terrorism attack is shown in a Youtube video broadcasted in 25 July 2012 when the group claimed its responsibility on bombardment of the gas pipes in Sinai alleging that Egypt still exports gas to Israel. The video show masked militants with machine guns preparing for the attack and the video also shows the bombardment in details.

There was another attack by unknown assailants that killed 16 Egyptian border guards near the border with the Gaza Strip prompted the Egyptian military to launch ‘Operation Eagle’ in an attempt to flush suspected Islamist militants out of Sinai’s mountainous terrain.

A month later, the group claimed its responsibility on 2 powerful blasts rocked the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat. No injuries or damages were reported and two days later, the Israeli police found the remains of Grade rocket.

In September 2012, the grouped claimed its responsibility on the assassination of two of three “Israeli agents” alleged to have killed a Jihadi named Ibrahim Barakat.

In August 2012, the group stated a resounding surprise related to the involvement of Mossad in assassination Ibrahim Berikat, A Bedouin Tribesman.

According to the Egyptian security sources, four Mossad officers hired four Bedouin tribesmen in Sinai to help carry out Ibrahim Bereikat’s assassination. These were, according to the sources, Manazil Bereikat, Salama Mohamed Salama Bereikat, Suleiman Bereikat and Mohamed Dakhl Allah.

The Egyptian collaborators, sources say, brought the Mossad officers across the Egypt-Israel border and drove them 15 kilometres into Egyptian territory to the area in which Ibrahim lived. There they helped the Mossad operatives plant the explosives that later killed Ibrahim, who had allegedly been involved in the killing of Israeli tourists in August of last year.

This narrative was corroborated by Jamaat Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis fi Sinaa, the group with which Manazil Bereikat had been affiliated.

In an online statement, the group claimed to have carried out their own investigation and related an almost-identical account of events, albeit in greater detail. According to the statement, the explosives were detonated via an electronic chip fixed to Ibrahim’s motorbike by one of the collaborators.

The statement goes on to assert that the Mossad agents had infiltrated Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula twice to carry out the assassination.

The first infiltration, according to the statement, was on 22 August. It failed due to the absence of Ibrahim, who was being interrogated by Egyptian security forces at the time.

The second attempt was carried out the following Saturday, 25 August, which led to Ibrahim’s death when the device on his motorbike was detonated by remote control. The statement also claimed the operation had been backed up by Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.

The group said there had been three collaborators: Manazil Mohamed Suleiman Salama, Salama Mohamed Salama, and Suleiman Salama Himdan. The group also claimed it had captured Manazil Bereikat, who they killed after he had confessed to involvement in the operation.

The group went on to assert that Suleiman Salam Himdan had been disowned by his family and handed over to Ibrahim’s family when news of his collaboration reached them. The last alleged collaborator, Salama Mohamed Salama, is reported to have fled to Israel.

In spite of the alleged declaration of targeting Israeli spots, their recent bombardment of Egypt’s minister of interior has proven the reverse as they have claimed that they were able to penetrate the Egyptian security system and one of the “lions” was able to reach the minister’s convoy

The group’s statement ensures they fight for the sake of Islam and they –just like the rest of Muslim- felt sad after the barbarian crackdown launched by Egypt’s security forces dispersed the brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo and Giza and resulted in hundreds of dead Muslims. They also stated they are going to revenge from the security forces and Egypt’s leaders including Major General Abd El Fattah Al Sisi, minister of interior and the media leading figures inciting to kill their brothers in Egypt. It concluded regretting on innocent Muslims killed in the 2 sit-ins besides those who were mistakenly killed due to the bombing targeted the minister of interior.

Ansar Bayt Al Makdis militants started in 2005 but it was not before 2007 to be an organized group easily travels through the borders between Egypt and Gaza strip through the tunnels. It is linked to Al Qaeda and believes in the armed attacks for the sake of Islam and Islamic caliphate.

The group is spread out in several Arab countries in Syria, Iraq, Lybia, Gaza and Egypt and it calls on opening the borders between Arab and Islamic countries. It regards Hamas as apostate group that has forsaken its main task of fighting Sehionism

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