Terrorism law features: spreading fears with violence and financing it
By: Ibrahim Qasim

First Deputy Minister of Justice Ezzat Khamis has confirmed to Youm7 that the ministry is working on drafting a new security law, which will include a new definition of terrorism as well as set new punishments for the crime.

“A terrorism law will set the suitable strategy to terrorist operations termination, through legal international methods, without prejudicing citizen’s freedom rights”. Khamis said that the law defines terrorism as any action leading to “terror and fear”, to achieve certain targets.

The deputy minister also said that the ministry would submit the law to public discussion; in order to gather opinions about  “extremist Islamic and political groups’ attacks against citizens, police and army forces,”  as well as the ability of preventing these operations finance by punishing who finances any terroristic action.

On his side, a judicial source confirmed that the punishment could be up to execution and emphasized prison. He added that ministry is preparing another law to protect witnesses and experts. The first article in this new law ensures necessary protection for witnesses whom are at risk and who are guides to detect a crime or its criminals. The protection includes witnesses’ relatives, paying compensations if they are exposed to assault or in cases of killing.

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