Egypt’s 50-Member constitutional panel votes on bylaws
The 50-Member Committee- Youm7(Archive)
By: Yasmine Samra

Egypt’s  50- member constitution pane tasked with amending the 2012 suspended constitution  is scheduled to vote, Monday, 9th September, on the proposed  bylaws  in the plenary session , in addition to electing  four committees’ heads supposed to discuss the charter ‘s chapters.

The Committee had held its first meeting yesterday, and Amr Moussa the former Secretary General of the Arab League, was elected as chairman of the 50-member committee, after receiving 30 votes against, 16 for his rival Sameh Ashour, chairman of the Bar, while two members were absent and other two abstained.

Also, at 10:00 am on Monday, Head of Egypt’s Students Union of the Federation of Students of Egypt, Mohammed Mustafa Badran, participates in the second meeting of the Committee at the Shura Council ( Upper house of parliament).

As representative of Egyptian university students, Badran also participated, on Monday, at the 50-member panel’s first session, which was a preliminary meeting, where Moussa and some other members delivered speeches to the audience.

Badran had decided to hold a meeting on Monday, with the student committee organized by the Union later, in order to discuss Students’ proposals for the new constitution.

In turn, Freedoms Committee of Egypt’s Lawyers Syndicate holds its first panel discussion on the new constitution on Monday. It will be under the title of “lawyer’s vision of Egypt’s new constitution”.

The Lawyers committee said that this session was a start of a series of panel discussions held by “Freedoms Committee” for sharing opinions and discussions among all Egyptian lawyers, then deliver all proposals to the 50-member panel.

For his part, head of Evangelical Church, Dr. Rev. Safwat  Bayadi, said that there has been coordination between Egypt’s three churches; the Evangelical , Catholic and Orthodox participating in the Committee of 50 to amend the Constitution in order to distribute their  representatives on the subcommittees of the  50-member panel, as well as the presence of reserve representatives in the panel discussion, explaining that he will join the membership of “system of governance” and “rights freedoms” committees.

Bayadi told “youm7 ” that clauses of the charter will be discussed  respectively in the order of the committees, adding that discussing clause “219” of the interpretation of Shariaa principles will be discussed at the time, considering its  application a desire of minority and not a majority. He added that  the churches met yesterday with each other, as well as with Al-Azhar, the Sunni world’s most prestigious learning institution to emphasize consensus on the Constitution, and that his Egyptian identity is the common stance .


On the other hand, Egypt’s coalition of women’s organizations required from  the 50-member panel tasked with constitution amendments, a women fair share “quota” in the elected councils. So as to ensure a degree of equality opportunity in the parliament and local councils, and to form a social committee specializes in women’s issues “Committee for Women’s Rights”, including female members from Civil organizations working in the field of women’s rights, women’s movements and new initiatives, along with representatives of women’s committees in political parties.

In open speech addressed to the committee drafting the constitution ,on Sunday, “coalition of women’s organizations Egyptian “rejected  the individual system in running elections, hoping Egypt’s new Constitution finally , expresses the spirit of the January revolution and Egyptians’ demands of the freedom and social justice , human dignity and national independence.

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